Vacuum Sealing Electronics – Superior Product Packaging

There are few things that frustrate customers more than dealing with electronics. How many adults turn to their kids to set up their cell phone, or hook up the computer to the TV for streaming? Let’s face it, you almost need an IT consultant just to manage your PC today. So the last thing any consumer wants to experience when purchasing any type of electronics is system failure. It’s hard enough to get things set up properly when the system works. A trip back to the store or worse to UPS to return that online purchase will guarantee that your product will not only not be purchased again, but rather it will receive terrible online feedback. So as an electronics manufacturer, it is in your best interest to deliver a product with reliability. One way to improve that is with superior packaging. If you haven’t considered it already, you should consider vacuum sealing electronics for packaging.

Is Vacuum Sealing Easy?

Yes, it is. That is one of the best part about choosing vacuum sealing as a packaging option. Once the machinery is set up it can take as little as 30 seconds to seal your electronics component. Machine training is minimal and if you work with the right vacuum sealer manufacturer, you will get the unit that fits your needs perfectly. Watch our video showing how simple it is to work a vacuum sealer such as our TNZ Nozzle Vacuum Sealers


Benefits of Vacuum Sealing Electronics

Aside from simplicity, vacuum sealing offers many more benefits for electronics packaging:

  • Anti-Static Protection – select vacuum sealers are manufactured with antistatic materials so that ESD sensitive components, assemblies, and PCB’s may be vacuum packed in a static safe environment.
  • Maintains Product Integrity – when used with the appropriate bags, vacuum sealing protects against dust, damage, ultra violet and radio frequency contamination, electrostatic discharge, humidity oxidization, and corrosion.
  • Saves Processing Time – vacuum sealing is a very quick and efficient method of packaging components when you purchase the right machine.
  • Moisture Protection – vacuum sealing protects against condensation during storage and any accidental spills during handling.
  • Cushioned Options — you can control the vacuuming speed and final vacuum strength to much less than 100% which may damage the implanted parts. You can also consider gas injection to give it a cushion.

Decrease Electronic Component Failures with a Vacuum Sealing Machine

If you manufacture components such as PCB boards, we can help with superior vacuum sealed packaging today. We specialize in the innovative design of vacuum sealing machines for electronics. Our vacuum sealing experts will find the perfect unit for your electronics packaging needs today! Please fill out our contact form to get started.