AMAC is Your Partner for Quality Vacuum Packaging

We specialize in the innovation, design, production, and distribution of professional vacuum packaging machines.

AMAC offers selected models for a wide variety of product packaging:

  • In food industries, meat and chicken processors, fish and shellfish wholesalers, frozen food packagers, supermarket chains and warehouse sales.
  • In the electronics industry, semiconductors, microchips, memories, subpanels, motherboards, PLC’s, and so forth.
  • In the medical industry, disposable aseptic medical products for hospitals and surgical centers and clinics. Attractive prices for the highest quality vacuum packaging machines.

We then offer a wide variety of features and options that can be easily added to the basic machine. This approach makes it possible to enjoy the low cost of base models and yet make each machine a custom fit to your specific needs.

Reliability of every cycle in your vacuum packaging operation

We guarantee 100% performance. With AMAC vacuum packaging machines you can be sure of a totally reliable, optimum packaging result in every cycle.

User-Friendly Support Team
From the outset of a project to the installation and preventative maintenance, AMAC’s support team works with you to make sure that your vacuum packaging operations are the best part of your production lines.

Optimum Control
For all products that are vacuum packaged with AMAC’s extensive range products, we offer you a packaging solution for every application and production requirement which your production operations demand.