Clean and compact vacuum sealers enhance the value of food products. AMAC professional food packaging removes oxygen, which can reduce existing bacterial growth while preventing airborne microorganisms from spoiling food bags. Besides extending product freshness, professional food packaging protects food from the ill effects of oxygen on fats, flavors, vitamins and food colors.

Sous vide chefs vacuum package certain menu items so they can cook them later using precisely controlled heating, which helps to retain moisture, nutrients, and flavor. Restaurants, hotels, and airlines use food vacuum packaging for portion control. Restaurants and hotels even print their name on vacuumed food bags of take home leftovers to augment branding. Caterers use vacuum packaging to save space during transport and to save time at the other end.

Meat packers use AMAC vacuum sealers to extend the life of their product from slaughterhouse to the tabletop. At supermarkets, sealing in meat freshness can be done in the butcher department to increase shelf life.


Sous Vide – Cooking Under Vacuum

AMAC Vacuum Packaging Machines are popular among the people who use Sous vide method of cooking. Food is vacuum packed in individual airtight vacuum bags and placed in a water bath. AMAC Vacuum Chamber Machines are the ideal tool for the Sous vide chefs for its reliability and consistency in vacuum packing operations.

The sous vide method is most commonly used in hotels, high-end restaurants and by caterers, but it is also becoming popular with supermarkets and home cooks.

This latest cooking technique produces superior results in all kitchens, for meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, and pastry.


Vacuum Packing Fresh Meat and Poultry

AMAC Vacuum Packaging Machines are the right choice for packing your raw meats and poultry. Vacuum packing extends the shelf life of your products up to 2 – 3 times longer than conventional packaging options.

Vacuum packing extracts oxygen from the vacuum bag, and with the secure heat seal, your products are protected under vacuum and prevent freezer burn and bacteria growth. For red meat, this is a favorite packing as it helps maintain the red color.

Vacuum Packing Vegetables and Fruit

Vacuum packing vegetables is an excellent choice to preserve the quality. However, the vegetables should be blanched, vacuum packed, and then frozen. Vacuum packaging product this way will keep the flavor, color, and freshness. Vacuum packing fresh vegetables (without prior freezing or blanching) may allow the product to continue to ferment as it is still alive and will result in inferior quality.

Vacuum Packing Fish

Vacuum packing fish is highly effective in preserving the freshness because oxygen is extracted from the package and helps to prolong the process of oils in the fish to break down. The fish maintains the fresh color and firmness for a long time.

Tests have proven that lean fish like halibut kept for two days on ice will last up to 12 months in a freezer before any loss in quality. The same fish kept on ice for seven days can only be stored for 2 months in a freezer before a loss of quality. Oily fish such as salmon can be stored, under identical conditions, for a third of the time compared to leaner fish. Thus, it is very important that the fish is packed quickly while it is fresh.

Vacuum Packing Liquids (Sauces and Soups)

Vacuum packing sauces and soups in vacuum-bagged portion packaging allow just the right amount of products to be reheated and used. You can make a large quantity of the product and then portion pack in vacuum bags. Chefs will enjoy consistent quality and taste of the product each time the product is used for the right amount.

Vacuum packed sauces and soups can be reheated very easily in a water bath without reducing the moisture level of the product. As your product is vacuum packed in portions, you can reheat or cook several different items in the same water bath – saving space and time.
When vacuum packing liquids of any sort, it is advisable to use an inclined insert plate, one of the useful options offered by AMAC.

Preserve Food Quality


Hermetically sealing the bag prevents cross-contamination of your products from external influences and improves food safety. Food is also protected from atmospheric dehydration, freezer burn and mold.

Maximize Storage


Vacuum packaging maximizes the use of your valuable space and allows all available shelves to be used efficiently by stacking different foods together. Extending the shelf life of your products allows you to purchase larger quantities and thereby improve portion control.

Improved Presentation


Ensure the best condition of food freshness and a professional presentation. Other important aspects are the hygiene and safety standards you must comply with. Make sure you follow the latest HACCP regulatory requirements and only use an ETL certified vacuum packer.

Sous-Vide Cooking


Sous-vide cooking is a cooking technique that offers several advantages. Both for the food product itself and the obvious economic and organizational benefits it generates. By using vacuum packaging machine, you ensure that your food product is packed correctly, so you can safely start and prepare food and meals sous-vide.