Machine Features for Electronics Series

Sensor control is a valuable option for packing a variety of products.  It helps you to reach the desired finishing vacuum regardless of the volume of the products.  Because the product sizes vary quite a lot, this feature is essential.  The machine automatically senses when the preset percentage of vacuuming has been achieved.

AMAC’s insert plates provide you with the optimum cycle time and perfect placement of your food product.

Polyethylene insert plates are a standard supply on every machine for the optimal cycle time and placement of your product.

Special filler plates for the lid can be ordered for double chamber models.  These plates save time and gas by making the volume of the vacuum chamber smaller.  Please contact AMAC Customer Service for more information.

The inclined insert plates are available in different sizes and suitable for all AMAC models.  Perfect for packing soups, sauces and flour.

Inclined insert plates offer convenience if you package liquid and powder products because the bag can be placed in the chamber at an angle so the liquid and powder stay at the bottom of the bag for stability.

Depending on the products you would like to inject gas mix for more quality assurance.  With AMAC’s gas flush option feature, when the vacuum is drawn and before the bag is sealed, you can inject gas mix.  This is often used to extend the shelf life of fragile products.  At the same time, it prevents discoloring of some products.

Gas Flushing or Modified Atmospheric Packing Explained

After the vacuuming has been completed, the bag is ready to be sealed.  Prior to sealing the bag you can inject gas mix.  This technique is called MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packing).

Why Gas Flush?

Gas flush or MAP is used to increase the product shelf life, offer extra protection and/or prevent the product from coloring.  Usually a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide is used.  Oxygen can also be added to the mix.  Some recent developments are the use of Argon (AR).  AR functions similarly to nitrogen.

Products that Benefit from Gas Flush or MAP

Chopped lettuce, salad mix, minced meat, raw steak, cooked fish and pre-packed products.  In some cases, crisp and breakable products such as potato chips can be protected by gas flush.

Liquid and moist products need special control.  Liquid control is achieved by a sensor equipped with a boiling point detector.  The sensor works in the same way as a normal sensor control; however, it provides an extra advantage in quickly and accurately recognizing the vaporing phase.  The detection of the boiling point is necessary because liquid products reach their boiling point quickly due to extreme low pressure in the vacuum chamber during the vacuum process.

Sensor Control with Boiling Point Detector

Very moist and liquid products quickly reach the boiling point during the vacuum cycle.  Reducing the container pressure below atmospheric pressure causes fluids to boil at room temperature and cooks the product.  AMAC offers the vacuum sensor with liquid control for this reason.


When you activate liquid control the sensor detects the evaporation of the moisture, thus detecting the boiling point.  The machine stops vacuuming at that point and triggers the sealing of the package.  This prevents damage to the product and the vacuum packaging machine.


There is a way to subdue the liquid or most food products from boiling.  You can prepare the product as cold as possible, like below 7°C (45°F).


  • The product does not lose moisture content
  • The package and the machine do not get soiled
  • The vacuum pump is prevented from corrosion
  • Maintains minimum necessary cycle time because the vacuuming process stops when it is no longer needed
  • Products are not spoiled and do not dry out due to boiling
  • Full color screen with user-friendly interface that can be combined with a label printer
  • Programmable with PC
  • Up to 20 programs can be easily uploaded from the PC to AMAC machines. AMAC’s ACS is a new generation of controls to work with every product for vacuum packaging

Additional features

Automated packaging cycles up to 20 programs, service data storage and HACCP compatibility.

Features and Parameters

A special control panel from AMAC can be combined with a label printer and is programmable from your PC.  Several parameters, such as program names, content of labels, customer identification, vacuum level, etc., can be set easily.  Once the parameters are saved on your USB key you can download their entire settings to the machine.  You can control up to 20 programs and more than 90 product labels within a few minutes.

Some Additional Advantages of AMAC ACS

  1. Up to 20 programs with product identification
  2. Custom-designed software comes from AMAC for a PC
  3. Compatible with high quality label printer
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Secured access
  6. HACCP compatible