As a vacuum packaging industry leader we are able to provide specialized versions of food packaging equipment. Our Pouch Filling System features our top of the line rotary machines. They are perfect for filling any pouch with processed foods such as cheese, sausages, dried fruits, dried meats, candies, nuts, cookies, grains, beans, and more. These machines can produce up to 60 vacuum sealed bags per minute.

Vacuum sealing removes oxygen which prevents airborne microorganisms from spoiling food. A tight vacuum sealed package also saves valuable space during transportation and during storage in both fridge and freezer.

Professional food vacuum packaging

AMAC’s tabletop vacuum chambered machines are the ultimate solution for packaging your smaller food items. Our compact tabletop food packaging machines fit existing tabletops or counters within your facility, thus optimizing space within your facility.
You’ll also appreciate the fact that our tabletop vacuum food sealers are easy to maintain, clean and operate. All AMAC tabletop food packaging machines have a clear chamber lid, which allows the operator to visually inspect all food bags during the vacuum packaging process.

Professional food vacuum packaging

Our mobile food packaging machines’ larger capacity can create bigger food bags or process more food bags in one cycle than a tabletop unit. Mobile vacuum food sealers afford convenient user height, creating ideal ergonomics, without the need of a stand or tabletop. Our units also have casters for floor cleaning ease or movement to another area. Vacuum packaging your products in food bags protects them from the deteriorative effects of oxygen on flavors, vitamins, fats and food colors in addition to extending product freshness.

Professional food vacuum packaging

Our dual chamber food vacuum sealers significantly increase your product sealing throughput. Your operator can load or unload food bags from one sealing chamber while products are being bagged within the other chamber. Some food packaging suppliers use two operators with our double chamber vacuum sealers to boost food bagging production.
Engineered for long-term high output, our dual chamber food sealing machines are also designed for cleaning, operating and servicing ease.

automated machines
Continuous Belt Vacuum Packing Machine

AMAC’s Continuous Belt Vacuum Packaging Machine uses continuous belt technology. Several sets of seal bar structures are placed on a belt system which makes continuous motion from the loading area to the vacuuming and sealing area. You line up the bags with products inside along the sealing bars on the belt. The belt advances and the bags will be placed under the vacuuming structure called a lid chamber. The lid chamber comes down to the belt surface. Vacuuming and sealing takes place automatically. After this cycle is done, lid chamber lifts up and the belt advances to the rear of the machine. Finished products are discharged at the other end of the machine.

automated machines
Heat Shower

Heat Shower Vacuum Packaging Machine


  • AMAC’s simple step-by-step guide and support staff gets you up and running fast.
  • Meticulously tested options and features address your unique food bag sealing needs.
  • Our units are of stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance and years of service.
  • Barcode printing capabilities or data collection and analytics are optional.
Frozen fish: Vacuum packaging protects delicate fish
Dried meat: Vacuum packaging extends meat shelf life
Vacuum packaging extends food freshness
Both single or dual chamber packaging
Vacuum sealers designed and built for clean packaging