Is a Nozzle Vacuum Sealer the Right Option for your Business?

When it comes to choosing sealing equipment for your company. There are many types of vacuum sealers such as a chamber or nozzle vacuum sealer. Vacuum sealers offer a versatile way to seal packaging without damage or contamination. Equipment design is a big determining factor on the quality of the seal as well as the amount of oxygen left in the package. The equipment you choose to accomplish this process is important, as too much oxygen left in the bag will promote bacteria growth.

Vacuum sealing allows all air to be removed from the package to better preserve the product or item. The primary goals of this packing method are to increase shelf life, prevent contamination, and to deter tampering. Vacuum sealers contain a pump, which removes air from the packaging prior to sealing. This process removes a vast amount of oxygen from the bag or package thus leaving minimal air to ensure food or other products are not negatively impacted.


What is a Nozzle Vacuum Sealer?

A stainless-steel nozzle on the machine is placed inside the bag for vacuuming out the air. Nozzle vacuum sealers provide a quicker vacuum cycle along with increased control. They are an applicable choice for several industries including food, electronics, and medical. A nozzle vacuum sealer does an exceptional job at protecting food freshness as well as preventing electronic components from being exposed to environmental hazards.

Nozzle designs are more compact and can easily reside on a small counter or table. They have a small nozzle that protrudes from the compression area where the bag will be placed over for the vacuum process. Nozzles can often be changed out as needed. Many additional features are typically offered when purchasing this equipment as well.

What Features Does a Nozzle Vacuum Sealer Offer?

These models may be purchased with additional features such as gas injection, which extends shelf life through modified atmosphere packaging. They provide the same benefits as a traditional model, but with the extra advantage of no oxygen in the packaging after the seal. Machines may be foot operated or timed depending on needs.

Nozzle vacuum sealers offer many beneficial features including gas injection for increased shelf life. Some designs have two stainless-steel nozzles to increase productivity as well. Additional features of these models include the following:

• Vacuum Sensor for Consistent Levels
• Vacuum Relief System to Prevent Damage
• Removable Nozzles for Easy Cleaning
• Multiple Cycles to Achieve Lowes Oxygen Levels

Additionally, products of varying sizes can be packaged without as many limitations. Nozzle sealers offer the big advantage of having no limitation of bag length as compared to chamber machines having fixed chamber sizes. Nozzle vacuum sealers deliver a high productivity option with the capability of vacuuming one or two packages at a time. They are a great choice for simple cleanup at the end of each day. This option works well if you have limited space to package products and provides an economic industrial choice.

If you have been considering this option and are not certain if it meets your need, our staff at AMAC Technologies would love to speak with you. This is a big decision for any business and we understand how important it is to choose equipment that meets your specific needs while remaining affordable. Contact us to learn more about our entire equipment line, or request a quote today.