Medical Sealing Machine – Can Your Business Benefit?

Vacuum sealing is a process used in the medical industry to securely and safely package products. All air is removed from the packaging prior to completing the seal. If vacuum sealing is not part of your current packaging process, there are many reasons to consider obtaining this type of equipment to progress your operations. A medical sealing machine is used to pack a variety of items including the following product areas:

  • Cosmetic
  • Health
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Laboratory

They make it easier to ensure your products provide the expected shelf-life and are not contaminated by items such as mold or germs. A vacuum seal is frequently used to package individual medical items to keep them sterile. Regardless of where your company operates in the medical industry, a sealing machine offers several benefits.


Vacuum Sealers Increase Safety and Quality

Safety, sterility, and tamper-resistant solutions are essential when using medical instruments or selling products in this industry. A medical sealing machine promote these qualities by reducing product handling during packaging. Removing all air from the package creates a tight seal where signs of tampering will be visually apparent. Vacuum sealed items with holes, rips, or tears develop air pockets  loosing the tight formed seal created during the process.

Using a medical sealing machine also prevents content contamination. This is important for a disposable item such as a surgical tool or clothing that must remain sterile until use. Additionally, any product sold to consumers will be protected from mold, bacteria, or other items caused by too much oxygen. Oxygen promotes the growth of bacteria, which can be damaging to product safety and quality.

Medical sealing machines are an affordable option for protecting products of varying sizes. Several options are available when choosing a machine for your company including:

  • Tabletop – Its compact design works great for smaller products and in existing facilities with limited space. They allow for optimized packaging without reducing product quality.
  • Mobile – Accommodates the needs of larger products or increased counts during a cycle. The machine height meets user requirements without being placed on a table or another surface as a stand.
  • Double Chamber – Contain two chambers for operation by two operators. The first chamber is used to load items and the second for unloading. Benefits of these models include durability, high output, and easy servicing.
  • Nozzle – Contain a stainless-steal nozzle that fits within the package for vacuuming. Nozzle vacuum sealers offer productivity benefits while providing an economical industrial solution.

Each of these medical sealing machine designs offers benefits, but not every type will be right for your business needs. If you are unsure of what to choose, it never hurts to talk with a professional. They will be able to gain a better understanding of your needs in conjunction with available equipment options.

Choosing the Right Medical Sealing Machine

AMAC Technologies specializes in the design of medical sealing machines. We have worked hard to design reliable, productive equipment options. If you are seeking a way to improve shelf quality or increase product protection, we would love to hear from you! Contact our staff today by filling out our contact form to get started.