Consumers use vacuum sealers to preserve food to save money and space. Vacuum sealing is also a viable food preservation technique to minimize wastes and prevent spoilage. Homeowners can reap its benefits and enjoy a clean, fresh, and healthy food every time. Restaurants and food manufacturers are looking for the same benefits as homeowners, but they want the added benefit that vacuum sealing can bring. Increased shelf life. Longer shelf life is the evident advantage of a vacuum seal as the method helps keep ingredients fresh. But how does it vacuum sealing actually work to keep food fresh? How does vacuum sealing preserve food?


Preserving Food through Vacuum Sealing

The process of vacuum sealing food involves removing oxygen from the container or bag to create an air tight vacuum seal. This is done with a vacuum sealing machine and can be used on any type of moist or dry food like seafood, meats, vegetables or cereals.  The purpose of removing oxygen is to prevent the growth and accumulation of bacteria and microorganisms such as mold or fungus. These bacteria reproduce and multiply and ruin not just the look and taste of food, but can also cause serious illness when eaten. When you vacuum seal food, you deprive it of the oxygen such bacteria needed in order to grow. Therefore, food stays fresher much longer.

Other Vacuum Sealing Benefits

Consider the following points to identify the method and the potential benefits of using vacuum seals.

  • Protects food from freezer burn and dehydration.
  • Food will taste just as good as when it was originally sealed.
  • Preserve food 3-5 times longer than food stored in plastic bags or containers.
  • Keeps items free from dirt, mold, germs, improper handling and any other environmental contaminants.

Whether You Are a Restaurant or Food Producer, We Can Help!

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