AMAC is Your Partner for Quality Vacuum Packaging

AMAC specializes in the innovation, design, production, and distribution of professional vacuum packaging machines.  AMAC offers selected models for a wide variety of product packaging – in the electronics industry, semiconductors, microchips, memories, subpanels, motherboards, PLC’s, and so forth. In the medical industry, disposable aseptic medical products for hospitals and surgical centers and clinics.  In food industries, meat and chicken processors, fish and shellfish wholesalers, frozen food packagers, supermarket chains and warehouse sales.

Attractive prices for the highest quality vacuum packaging machines

AMAC makes a large volume of vacuum packaging machines for the global market.  We focus on standardization of basic models so that we can mass-produce each model to save manufacturing cost.  We then offer a wide variety of features and options which can be easily added to the basic machine.  This approach makes it possible to enjoy the low cost of base models and yet make each machine custom fit to your specific needs.  All AMAC vacuum packaging machines are manufactured using the highest quality parts, including the ones through global procurement.  AMAC is very focused on user needs and the highest throughput possible.  AMAC, through many years of experience in the global market, has created a wealth of valuable feedback.  This is our asset in the continuous improvement of our machines.

Reliability of every cycle in your vacuum packaging operation

We guarantee 100% performance.  With AMAC vacuum packaging machines you can be sure of a totally reliable, optimum packaging result in every cycle.  One of the most critical components, the vacuum pump, is supported by the discipline of preventative maintenance programs offered by the AMAC engineering team.  You will have the highest level of continuous, uninterrupted production with optimum packaging results.

User-Friendly Support Team

From the outset of a project to the installation and preventative maintenance, AMAC’s support team works with you to make sure that your vacuum packaging operations are the best part of your production lines.

Highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene

AMAC vacuum packaging machines come with substantial stainless steel components and construction, equipped with standard Busch pumps with a hydrophobic coating, are ETL listed and comply with CE standards.  The machines are very easy to clean and comply with the highest hygiene and NSF food safety standards as the vacuum chambers are made of dipping drawn stainless steel and removable seal bars.

Optimum Control

For all products that are vacuum packaged with AMAC’s extensive range products, we offer you a packaging solution for every application and production requirement which your production operations demand.

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Why vacuum packaging?

Extracting air from your product makes the packages compact for industrial parts and components and for all food products extends the shelf-life protecting it at the same time against the external elements.

Vacuum packaging technology and innovation

With help from the AMAC team, you select the right vacuum packaging machine which will be equipped for your particular application.  AMAC offers numerous possibilities of every type of product you would be packaging.  Our professional team will assist you in selecting the vacuum packaging machines with endless opportunities and savings.  For example, AMAC’s sensor control guarantees reliability, operational ease and optimal cycle time.  In addition, if you opt to have liquid control and advanced control systems, the machine will generate many advantages for the end user in all industries.

The principle of vacuum technology

How the vacuum technology works for you is rather simple.  The vacuum pack that contains the product is placed in the chamber and the open side of the pack lies over the seal bar.  When the lid is closed the machine automatically carries out the vacuum process that consists of the following stages.

Endless opportunities and savings offered by vacuum packaging

  • Vacuum package
  • Sensor control
  • Precision Control System with 20 programs
  • Gas injection
  • Cushion protection control
  • Easy clean

Stages of Vacuum Packaging

  • Extraction of air
  • Sealing
  • Cushion Protection Control
  • Aeration

How to program the vacuum packaging machine

  • Set the desired number of seconds, vacuum percentage or activate liquid control
  • The machine extracts air during the pre-set time when the pre-set percentage has been reached or the boiling point has been detected.

Not sure which solution fits your business needs?