What Are the Benefits of Vacuum Sealing?

Some people won’t believe it, but vacuum sealing has actually been around since the 1940’s. A German inventor by the name of Karl Busch invented vacuum sealing as a way to preserve food at home, but vacuum sealing didn’t actually come to commercial use until the 1960’s. A relatively new product, the market had not yet recognized the infinite benefits and value vacuum sealing could deliver. Today, no matter what industry: food, medicine, electronics, aviation, there is literally no limit to the numerous types of products improved by the benefits of vacuum sealing.


What is Vacuum Sealing?

The process of vacuum sealing is fairly simple. It is a method of removing air from a package before sealing. Basically, items to be sealed are placed in a plastic bag. Air is then sucked from the bag and the bag is then sealed. The vacuum created by the sealer prevents anything from permeating the bag and therefore keeps the items protected. Perishable goods also stay fresher. Keeping products fresh is just one of the many benefits of vacuum sealing.

Numerous Benefits of Vacuum Sealing

  1. Removes Air – Keeps items dry. With food items it is particularly important as it keeps food free from bacteria growth.
  2. Preserves Integrity – Keeps items free from dirt, mold, germs, improper handling and any other environmental contaminants.
  3. Moisture Protection – Protects against accidental spills and temperature variances that are common in workplace environments.
  4. Fast Process – Vacuum sealing with the proper machine and materials is a very quick and efficient method of packaging any type of product.
  5. Tamper Evident – Consumers and workers see when the integrity of the product seal has been broken and compromised.
  6. Saves Space – Vacuum sealing is one of the smallest types of packaging. This is not only helpful for precious shelf space, but saves on precious shipping and cargo space.
  7. Increases Shelf Life – Vacuum sealing helps keep products fresher for longer. Perishable goods such as beef can have their shelf life extended from 1-2 weeks, to up to 6 weeks. Cosmetics and pharmaceutical shelf lives benefit as well!
  8. Improves Consumer Confidence – Consumers will be more confident by both the appearance and tamper evidence that professional vacuum sealing delivers.

Vacuum Sealing: Looking for a Simple Packaging Solution for your Products?
Vacuum sealing possibilities are truly endless! Your vacuum sealer solution begins with AMAC Technologies. With a variety of machines to choose from, we have the proper vacuum sealing machinery to meet your business needs. Vacuum sealing is a simple process to implement, but if this is your first time using a sealer you should contact our professional vacuum sealing consultants to ensure you are getting the right product to receive the full benefits of vacuum sealing.  An experienced service provider will help you determine which vacuum sealer will work best for you, so fill out our contact form today!