A fully automatic hand sanitizer filler is going to be a game changer for any manufacturer that is currently working around the clock or struggling to keep up with hand sanitizer orders and demand. Automation is an absolute necessity for high production facilities, and in a time like this, can help increase overall production and efficiency in many ways. An automatic hand sanitizer filler will allow you to limit contact, reduce labor costs, package products faster, and produce more units of hand sanitizer in a shorter amount of time, at a more affordable rate. If you currently produce hand sanitizer or are looking to get into this hot market, our automatic hand sanitizer filler may be the solution you need.

Benefits of AMAC Technologies’ fully automated hand sanitizer filler:

Speed – This fully automated system uses rotary technology to continuously fill and seal pouches at a rate of 60 completed units per minute.

High Volume Capacity – Our hand sanitizer filler can accommodate various styles of premade bags, laminates, and pouches, with the ability of filling each container with up to 2.2 lbs of product.

Hands Free – This system handles the entire packaging process with no need for manual intervention. This will help to reduce contact, providing added safety to both your employees and consumers by creating a healthier, limited contact environment. 

Affordability – As our hand sanitizer filler requires no intervention once programmed to fulfill packaging, this eliminates the need for increased staff, added labor costs, and slow-moving manual packaging procedures, reducing your overall production cost.

Need a high speed hand sanitizer filler?

If you would like more information about hand sanitizer fillers or other automated equipment, AMAC Technologies’ knowledgeable staff of vacuum packaging specialists is happy to take your call and help you find the best machinery for your needs. Contact us here today to get started!