Vacuum packing electronic components

AMAC offers a ESD approved sealing equipment to protect electrostatic sensitive parts in storage or transport. Protect against ESD discharge and electronic component damage with AMAC vacuum packaging.

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Medical Bag Vacuum Sealers

AMAC’s validatable medical pouch vacuum packaging machines and sealers feature real-time monitoring of all seal parameters. The custom seal configuration will keep medical devices in compliance.

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Food Bag Vacuum Seal

Food packaging with vacuum sealing reduces bacterial growth and extends the shelf of your food. Professional chefs use vacuum sealers for Sous Vide cooking and extended food storage.

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Vacuum packaging aviation parts

Delicate and critical aviation parts require a higher-level of quality assurance. AMAC high quality aircraft parts in vacuum packaging protects them in handling, storage, and transportation.

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Automobile Bag Vacuum Sealers

Many automobile components and parts are geared for precision. Cut attrition costs on and restocking by packaging auto parts in AMAC’s high quality, dependable air-sealed bags.

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Repacking & Fulfillment Chamber Vacuum Packaging
Repacking & Fulfillment

Chamber vacuum packaging and nozzle vacuum packaging are the simple solution to save money on shipping and stocking costs. Optimize your distribution and restocking with AMAC vacuum sealers.

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